With the number of cruise ships failing health and safety inspections in 2018, many passengers wonder what exactly goes into a cruise ship inspection? Cruise ships are graded on a scale of 1 to 100, and any score below 86 is considered failing. Cruise ship inspections come unannounced, meaning a cruise ship must be prepared at any given time for an inspection.

Depending on the size of the ship, inspections can last anywhere from between 8 to 10 hours. There are various areas that are inspected on cruise ships, including:

  • Medical facilities on the ship;
  • Food preparation areas and dining areas;
  • Water from source to storage, as well as disinfection and distribution;
  • Recreational activities onboard (i.e. – hot tubs, water parks, fitness centers, swimming pools, etc.) for disinfection, maintenance and safety;
  • Checking the temperatures of food storage areas, the temperature of individual food products, etc.;
  • Employee habits for hand washing, cleanliness and hygiene;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing facilities (i.e. – machines and the temperatures that these are operating at);
  • Poolside, inspectors check pH as well as halogen-based disinfectant levels – usually either chlorine or bromine;
  • Child activity centers- particularly the diaper changing stations, illness and infection control for children, hand washing stations, their toilet rooms, etc.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of the ship’s ventilation system;
  • Inspecting all other common areas of the ship, particularly for pest control management to ensure there is not an infestation.

All cruise inspection reports and scores, as well as the corrective action statements that cruise lines submit after the inspection, are available at cdc.gov. The CDC charges the cost of its inspection to the cruise line based upon the size of the ship. If you are going on a cruise and want to see how well the ship did on its most recent inspection, you can easily search the database.  The CDC failed five of Carnival Cruise Line, the world’s largest operator last year three of which occurred during the height of holiday travel: November and December.

There are some simple health tips passengers can follow to avoid getting sick on a cruise. The most important thing is to wash your hands; this is the No. 1 way to avoid illness on a cruise ship. Also, remember to drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself properly hydrated helps flush out toxins and keeps your immune system running at peak performance. If you see someone getting ill, you should leave the area immediately and report it to cruise staff if they have not already been notified.


If you have been injured on your cruise, on a wet and slippery deck, down a poorly lit staircase or steep gangway, in port on an excursion, or on a tender boat- it is important that you speak as soon as possible with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims against cruise lines. Most cruise lines, including CarnivalRoyal CaribbeanCelebrityNorwegianMSCDisneyHolland AmericaPrincess, Costa, Regents Seven Seas and Oceania require that claims against them be pursued in a very specific place under very strict deadlines. Failure to comply with each individual cruise lines deadlines can result in a complete loss of any and all legal rights.

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