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Suing MSC Cruises

MSC Crociere S.A. claims to be the third largest cruise line in the world following Carnival and Royal Caribbean. However, the company is privately owned by an Italian family, which makes verifying this claim difficult. MSC Cruises is a subdivision of Mediterranean Shipping Company which employs 15,500 people in offices in 45 countries.

MSC was originally part of the Lauro Lines cruise line, which included in its fleet the infamous Achille Lauro and Angeline Lauro. Both ships met with tragic ends by ship fires. The Achille Lauro is most famous for being hijacked by members of the PLO in 1985, which ended up killing a disabled Jewish passenger and dropping his body overboard.

Passenger interest in the Lauro LInes dropped considerably after these events causing the company to be purchased by purchased by MSC who changed the name to StarLauro Cruises.

Cruise Ship Injury Claims Against MSC

MSC requires that all passenger accident claims be reported to the Ship’s Master while the passenger is still onboard the vessel; and then again in writing to the within 6 months or 185 days after the date of the injury, illness or death. MSC also requires that passenger aboard their ships who are injured due to the carelessness of the cruiseline file their lawsuits in Naples, Italy.

However, we have entered into an agreement with MSC to litigate a case here in Florida in Federal Court on behalf of a male passenger who alleges that he was sexually assaulted and sodomized by another male passenger due to the over serving of alcohol. The case Beadle v. MSC Crociere S.A. et al is currently pending in the United States District Court in front of Judge Joan A. Lenard. To view a copy of the amended complaint click here.

Ships on MSC’s Fleet

Armonia Class

  • MSC Armonia
  • MSC Lirica
  • MSC Opera
  • MSC Sinfonia

Musica Class

  • MSC Magnifica
  • MSC Musica
  • MSC Orchestra
  • MSC Poesia

Fantasia Class

  • MSC Divina
  • MSC Fantasia
  • MSC Preziosa
  • MSC Splendida

Seaside Class

  • MSC Seaside
  • MSC Seaview

Contact an Experienced MSC Cruises Lawsuit Attorney

If you have been injured aboard an MSC ship it is crucial that you report your injury to the ship’s Master before departing the ship (if possible). Then we recommend that you contact an experienced admiralty injury attorney immediately in order to protect your legal rights. Our cruise ship accident lawyers provide free initial consultations to anyone who has been injured while on an MSC cruise ship Call us today: 1-866-597-4529 or contact us on our website.

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